Украино-израильский Институт стратегических исследований им. ГолдыМейр

Our mission

The development of a high-quality scientific and analytical consulting system, which is promoting the development of science-based, costed in detail and balanced decisions on various strategic issues of Ukraine on the basis of the experience of the State of Israel.

The Institute aims to play a pivotal role in the implementation of a meaningful and proven approach to solving the political, social, economic, environmental, and information problems that Ukraine is facing nowadays.

Thus, the Institute contributes to mobilization of scientific and expert community to find of strategic decisions in modernizing of Ukraine on the basis of the Israeli experience, the development of intellectual resources of countries, raising the prestige of science and expertise, bringing the standards of scientific works to the international level.

Our activities

  1. Energy safety of Ukraine, alternative sources of energy carriers, the economy of use and improving the efficiency of consumption.
  2. Safety of society and countering the terrorist threat. Analysis of the ways to overcome an extremalizationof the mass moods.
  3. Health reformation, modernization of emergency medicine.
  4. Mental health of society and the use of the experience of Israel in assistance to displaced persons, victims of terrorist acts and participants of military operations.
  5. The use of modern technologies in ecology and agriculture.
  6. The"third" sector (NGOs), its development and the possibility of the influence on government and on the fight against corruption.
  7. The constitutional process and social consensus.

Our tasks

  1. Scientific, analytical, informational and training support of the process of making strategic and operating decisions in the field of economy, politics, security, governance, ecology, information, medicine and so on.
  2. The development of new a strategy to ensure the modernization of Ukraine and development of intellectual dialogue on the future of the country.
  3. The open discussion organization of new strategies with the participation of civil society and the involvement an experienced experts from Israel and other countries, and the search for ways to apply the proven reforms implemented in other countries.
  4. Identification, consolidation and strengthening of the capacity of scientific and expert community of Ukraine and Israel on mutual information and research cooperation.
  5.  Creation of new possibilities of communication with the leading intellectual centers of Israel.
  6. The provision of high-quality researching, expert information and training services for the government agencies, companies, international, non-governmental organizations.
  7. The development and promotion of innovative projects aimed on modernizing of Ukraine and Israel.


Our functions

In order to implement the tasks the Institute carries out the following functions:

  1. Conducts the study of various aspects of the potential modernization of Ukraine in the following areas:
  • Globalistics and the place of Ukraine in the political map of the world.
  • Modernization of Economy and Energy.
  • Adaptation and modernization of the agricultural sector.
  • Ecological problems and geo-climatic changes.
  • Reformation of the security sector.
  • The constitutional process and judiciary.
  • The fight against corruption, transparency of government, citizens' protection.
  • Decentralization and local governance.
  • Achieving the level of social standards and social security.
  • The reform of medicine and social responsibility.
  • Information security and standards of access to information.
  • Investment Policy.
  1. Supports the atmosphere of a public request for the theoretical researches, analytical and comparative works in the environmentscientists, experts, representatives of civil society.
  2. The Institute organizes round tables, consultations, trainings and seminars for the development, preparation and implementation of projects within the scope of the interests of the Institute.
  3. The Institute offers and improves the quality control system of projects in solving strategic problems facing the State and civil society.
  4. The Institute  performs an analysis the effectiveness of search engine solutions for challenges,facing the country in various fields.
  5. The obtained materials are published in the online and off-online media and on the own site.
  6. The Institute publishes a collection of materials on the possible directions and potential efforts to modernize the state.
  7. The Institute contributes to the development of the information society and modern media technologies.
  8. The Institute produces and distributes sociological studies on the Instituteproblems.
  9.  The Institute conducts an annual international conference - a forum for lighting studies on the modernization of Ukraine and its progress inthe modern world.


The event's goal and tasks

The Forum's main goal is to discuss a wide range of issues, related to the support and promotion of goods and services of domestic manufacturers-exporters onto the markets of foreign countries

Our participants

The representatives of Ukrainian and foreign executive and legislative bodies, business and expert circles, financial, banking and industrial establishments, investment institutions, diplomatic missions, and the media.


Kiev, Bolshaya Zhytomyrskaya, 33
E-mail: bdi-sem@ucci.org.ua
phone: 044 586-40-15 (multichannel)

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