The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The target of the operation of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the economy development promotion and creation of favourable conditions for business activities in the Kyiv region. The Chamber represents its members in matters connected with their business activities both in and outside Ukraine, promotes the development of market relations in its region, business activities in all their forms, export of Ukrainian goods.

It gives consultations on trade transactions on the domestic and foreign markets, development of new cooperation forms, organises collaboration between business entities, coordinates their relations with the State represented by its bodies and also with potential partners.

A chamber of commerce and industry is a non-state unprofitable self-governing organisation uniting legal entities created and operating according to the legislation of Ukraine and citizens of Ukraine registered as entrepreneurs and their unions. Chambers of commerce and industry are created for promoting national economy, its integration into the world economic system, formation of modern industrial, financial and trade infrastructures, creation of favourable conditions for business activities, comprehensive development of all types of business not prohibited by the Ukrainian legislation, scientific and technical and trade relations between Ukrainian and foreign  businessmen (from the Law of Ukraine "On Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine").


The event's goal and tasks

The Forum's main goal is to discuss a wide range of issues, related to the support and promotion of goods and services of domestic manufacturers-exporters onto the markets of foreign countries

Our participants

The representatives of Ukrainian and foreign executive and legislative bodies, business and expert circles, financial, banking and industrial establishments, investment institutions, diplomatic missions, and the media.


Kiev, Bolshaya Zhytomyrskaya, 33
E-mail: bdi-sem@ucci.org.ua
phone: 044 586-40-15 (multichannel)

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