February 11 Seminar "Criminal legal and administrative protection of intellectual property rights, problems of law enforcement" organized by the Intellectual Property Association of Ukraine (led by Anna Kravchuk). The event was held at the Institute of Electric im.Patona NAS of Ukraine and gathered various specialists in intellectual property and four professional speakers.

The first spoke Sergei Swan, an expert in the field of protection of intellectual property, a former deputy chief of the Department of Public Service to combat economic crime, police colonel. The topic of his report - "The practice of investigating crimes in the area of intellectual property." Inna Polishchuk, legal expert of Economic Research in the field of intellectual property appraiser, Senior Research Fellow. Topic - "Problems of calculating material damage."

Games Starodubov, forensic expert to expert in five specialties in the field of intellectual property, the head of a number of scientific research studies on issues of intellectual property, the chairman of the Section of Legal Expertise Intellectual Property NKMR the Ministry of Justice. Topic - "judicial expertise within the pre-trial investigation of crimes in the area of intellectual property." Maxim Trykur report "trial order and designs solutions to crime in the area of intellectual property." The full version of workshop results in the next issue of "Intellectual Property in Ukraine" (subscription index 68 130).


The event's goal and tasks

The Forum's main goal is to discuss a wide range of issues, related to the support and promotion of goods and services of domestic manufacturers-exporters onto the markets of foreign countries

Our participants

The representatives of Ukrainian and foreign executive and legislative bodies, business and expert circles, financial, banking and industrial establishments, investment institutions, diplomatic missions, and the media.


Kiev, Bolshaya Zhytomyrskaya, 33
E-mail: bdi-sem@ucci.org.ua
phone: 044 586-40-15 (multichannel)

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